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Andrea Zonnis

Psychic Medium
Andrea Zonnis

2022-2023 Tarot Wisdom Course

Starts Thursday, October 6th, 2022
All Classes on Zoom starting at 7pm PST
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16 Week Beginner’s Course on Tarot

Learn everything you need to know to embrace your Tarot adventure. Tarot is an ancient divination tool that has been used by mystics and psychics for hundreds of years. Tarot can help you to find more insight and understanding into life’s big spiritual lessons (and the small ones too.) The cards are a map of consciousness connecting you to the wisdom of the Universe. Learn to read the map! Discover more about where you are heading and what you need to know to overcome life’s challenges.

Intrigued? Curious?

Let me guide you step by step through the archetypes, symbols and intuitive magic. I have done thousands of Tarot readings for clients from different cultures from around the world. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you!

My intention is to be of service, to help those that need a touch of inspiration to courageously face their life’s challenges. Our world needs more helpers which is why I want to impart this wisdom to you so that you can share your gifts with others. Let’s keep the beautiful energy flowing and together raise the vibrations of this planet!

Whether you want to learn Tarot for your own personal self-reflection or to help inspire your inner circle or you want to take the leap to give readings professionally, this course will teach you the fundamentals to deepen your knowledge of the human experience.

Every person is born with intuition and the ability to access it! Like art or music, some folks are naturally inclined but others need practice and dedication in order to build their skills. Make the commitment to yourself and your spiritual path.

Course materials, cheat sheets and helpful PDF files are all included but you will need a Tarot deck or two! I’d recommend the Rider-Waite deck as it’s a great beginner’s deck and a staple for any Tarot collection.

Facebook Support Group

Daily homework is required to cement your Tarot knowledge! Share your intuitive inspirations in our Facebook group that is just for students of this course. Here you will find support and answers to all your questions.

Intuitive Tarot 
Course 1
Oct. 6th to Oct. 20th, 2022

Learn to read Tarot without having to know the meaning of every card! This class is for those wanting to use their creative side to explore the art of each card. What mood does the picture want to portray? What feeling is invoked? How does this card relate to your life experience?

Tarot can act as an intuitive map that can be used to access the depths of wisdom stored in the human psyche. This is an experiential class where you will be challenged to put your ego aside to allow spirit to move through you. It takes courage to speak your truth and express your feelings. It also takes practice! The more you do it, the better you become!

Strengthen your intuitive muscle as we learn more about how to use Tarot as a check-in point and guide through life’s ups and downs.

What we will be learning:
Connecting to Spirit
How to Start
Speaking your Intuition
Colours and the Chakras
Interpreting Symbols
Tarot Spreads
Closing a Session

Mastering the Minor Arcana: Numerology, Elements and Connections
Course 2
Thursday, Oct. 27th - Nov. 24th

Let’s dive deep into the classic meanings and interpretations of the Minor Arcana also known at the Pip cards. These are very similar to a deck of cards being numbered 1 – 10 and they are divided into 4 suits. In Tarot, the suits are represented by the 4 elements. The Minor Arcana store all of the information for our day-to-day living, our thoughts, our feelings and the actions we take to manifest a blessed life.

If you are brand new to Tarot or perhaps are having challenges integrating the meanings of the cards, this workshop is for you!

I get it, there are a whole lot of cards to understand. It can seem a little overwhelming at first. Have no fear! I have a quick and easy way to help you remember all 40 meanings of these cards. My simple reference guide is included to get you off book and into your intuition fast!

We will take a closer look at the basic building blocks of Tarot: numerology and the elements. Understanding these fundamentals will unlock everything you need to know to access the Minor Arcana. By the end of this workshop you will be able to discern the basic meanings for over half the Tarot deck.

Quick Reference Sheet
Write ups for each of the Minor Arcana

Court Cards: Personalities, Personas and Astrology
Course 3
Thursdays, Feb. 9th to Mar. 2nd 2023

Get to know the people in your life through the Court Cards!

The Court Cards represent people in our lives including ourselves, personas we take on to deal with life situations and mastery over the lessons of the elements.
Each week we will take a look at the different families represented in the cards to give insight into the people you love the most. What is their motivation? How do they react to conflict and challenging situations? What makes them tick? Who are they in love?

Learn the basics of astrology to blend this wisdom with your Tarot knowledge.

Who are you in Tarot?
Discover more about who you are and how you respond to the world by understanding your personal Court Card!
This fun, informative workshop blends Astrology, Elements and Tarot to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and those you care about. Get to know the characters of the Court Cards!

Major Arcana: The Fool’s Journey
4 Weeks 
Thursdays, Mar. 9th to Mar. 30th 2023

Take a voyage through the Major Arcana to uncover the building blocks of life. The Major Arcana cards in Tarot are the big life lessons and experiences that we each must face as humans on this planet.

Get a deeper understanding of how these archetypes affect us and how to utilize their energy to manifest your best life. Symbols, astrology and elements are woven through these powerful energies.

Embrace the Fool’s journey as we take a closer look at each of these powerful cards whose energies are intertwined with history and stories of humanity.

Become a professional Tarot Reader!
October 2022

Register today! Space are limited. This price includes all 4 Tarot courses, worksheets and helpful PDF’s, recordings to all the sessions and inclusion in our Facebook Group.
$799 plus GST ($838) for all 16 weeks! 32 hours of instruction and practice.

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