X Wheel of Fortune: Symbolism and Mythology

Sometimes our luck is unbelievable and other times we feel the arms of fate holding us back from our desires.  The Wheel of Fortune talks about the spiritual law of cycles.  Think about the cycles around you: a day, a month, a season, a year.  A clock is a wheel that shows us hours and seconds.  You can go outside our world see how the movement of the planets around the fun and how the stars can affect us as well.  Our souls are in motion, constantly moving like the red storm on Jupiter.

Wheels are found as metaphorical symbolism to connection to the Universe all over the world.  A medicine wheel can be found in indigenous cultures across North America.  The Dharma Wheel found in Buddhism as a path to achieving enlightenment.  Even in music, there is the circle of 5ths that connects key signatures together.

The image of the Wheel of Fortune depicts layers or levels of knowledge necessary to transcend or perhaps purify our connections with Spirit.  

On the outside of the card we see the 4 fixed signs from Astrology: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius represented by the bull, the lion, the eagle and the angel.  All these beings are studying and reading books.  They are learning how to transcend their life lessons found in each of their elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  

As we move to the next layer we see three creatures: a snake, Anubis and a Sphinx.  Each of these characters provides us with a test that we must pass in order to move to the next level and perhaps closer to hearing life’s secrets.  

A snake is the test of transformation. Are you able to change and adapt to the unknown as it reveals itself?  Temptation is another interpretation of the snake going back to the story of Adam and Eve.

Anubis is God of the Underworld from Ancient Egypt who would weigh your heart with a feather to see where you would go in the afterlife.

Sphinxes are found all over ancient Egypt, Greece, Asia and India as well as parts of Africa.  You must pass the Sphinx's test to enter the temple or holy place.  She can act as gatekeeper opening the doors to new possibilities but can be cold, harsh and hungry when you don’t have the answer to the riddle.

Could these tests be foreshadowing of the lessons to come?  The sphinx with the sword could represent the Justice Card.  The snake is another symbol of death and rebirth.  Anubis is an ancient, pre-biblical, devil.  

Peeling off this layer we now come to Yod-He-Vav-He which is the Hebrew word for God.  Myths say if you pronounce this correctly you will be given access to all the knowledge of the world.  Mixed in between we find the letters T – A – R – O.  These are the same letters on the scroll in the High Priestess card.  Translated into English TARO means divine wisdom but if you spin the wheel the other direction the world spells ROTA which means wheel. This could mean creator of divine wisdom.   A wheel is a form of advancement, movement and it attached to something great that makes it spin.

The inner circle of the wheel looks a lot like a compass, giving us direction in our lives.  It’s those moments of inspired breakthroughs that shape our destiny.  You will see the alchemical symbols for the building blocks of alchemy: Sulphur, Salt, Mercury and Water in their rawest form.  Sulphur represents spirit and fire.  Mercury is air and water, the connection of spirit to the physical world.  Lastly, Salt is physical, which can be diluted and brought back to a solid state.

In numerology, the number 10 means completion.  The Wheel of Fortune invites us to embark on the next journey.  We take with us the synthesis of knowledge we have learned from the Fool to the Hermit and set out into unknown territory trusting in fate.  This is the break through you have been preparing for!  Will you pass the tests ahead?

The Wheel of Fortune is rich with symbolism and this is why it can be challenging to interpret or understand at first, because this archetype wants us to peel off the layer and seek the truth in the centre of ourselves in connection with the Universe. 

Symbolically, the wheel could be related to a dream catcher.  Each choice leads us on a new path with destiny being the crystals that mark our progress, again making us choose. 

I like to think of life as a spider’s web, a net of interconnected choices with the drops of morning dew as fate to be discovered.

The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful archetype about the natural cycles of life.  Is it possible to tempt fate?  That’s for you to decide!

Based on the image of the X Wheel of Fortune in the Rider/Waite/Smith Deck.

Sprinkle a little sparkle into your life.

After all these years, I still find it crazy that I turned out to be psychic and that I get to share my visions as my career.  It’s my life’s calling and I love it.  This intuitive gift unfolded for me in my early 20’s and has since grown into clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship.

Defining what I do for living is no easy task!  Every day is different because each soul need is unique.  I never know what will happen in a psychic reading until it is happening.  I could describe it as opening the door the library of your subconscious.  I lay the cards and your story unfolds.

The most asked questions are about love and career, these are always the hot topics. But that being said, each situation is personal to the person I am reading for.  

I love tuning into someone’s soul to see the beauty in their hearts and the gifts they were given in this life.  I am a seeker of magical experiences and I love to share these with others through my psychic sessions.  We are not alone, Spirit is all around us and each us has the ability to tap in. 

Sometimes I’m helping to see greater insight into a relationship as to why two people are not getting along even though they love each other; this can be their triggers or past trauma and knowing this can help immensely in bringing them back together in a loving way.  

Sometimes it’s helping find solutions to move on from a relationship that’s over, to find forgiveness and hope for an even more epic lover. 

Sometime sessions are like opening a window to a past pain to allow the sorrow to escape into the great abyss. 

Sometimes we are celebrating accomplishments and goals attained by my clients.

Whether I’m reassuring a Mom who’s doing it all, celebrating births, predicting weddings and seeing new opportunities, I get a sneak peek into the destiny and the potential within each person.  It’s pretty exciting stuff!  I feel my work is emotionally rewarding.

I’ve been told by my clients that a session with me is like talking to an old friend that knows you really well.  2 years of therapy in an hour – I liked that one!  Mostly I like being a positive influence is someone’s life.

You can ask me about anything.  Non-judgement and unconditional understanding flow through my readings.  I’m the holder of many secrets and I like it that way.  I do my best to honour your privacy and keep what comes up in a session between us.

If you want me to listen, I’ll listen.  If you want me to talk, I’ll talk.  I’m here to hold space for you to heal, be inspired, and love yourself.  My readings are a reflection of the big energies that are at play in your life.

Laughter and tears are in abundance as a reading is a journey into your life through the eyes of the Universe.  We’re getting together to talk about you! 

Ancestors, passed loved ones and guardian angels like to pop in to say hello and pass on messages.  I am primarily a psychic, but Spirits like to talk to me sometimes and I’m not one to pass up the chance for a good conversation.

Visions from past lives can help to heal and make sense of challenges of the present.  I find it amazing how soul families attract each other lifetime after lifetime.

Creative problem solving is my forte and I would never leave you hanging without advice for overcoming whatever is challenging you at the moment.  I’ve got channeled tools and divinely guided exercises to help you through.

You could call me Seer, or a witch (white magic) or an Oracle or a Lightworker, as I have lived all these lives before and they manifest again in this one.  I call myself a Psychic Medium.  I’m here to inspire.  I’m here to entertain.  I’m here connect you with your truth and help you in whatever way I can with this quirky gift I have of tapping into the collective consciousness.

People have taken offense to the word Psychic in my past, as it’s a word that brings up a lot of feelings and biases in people.  I think that sometimes people are scared and don’t want to be seen.  When I’m reading for someone, I see them and it’s FAR from a scary experience.  My clients leave my sessions lighter than they came, with new hope for the future.

What do I do?  I see into your soul and talk about it!  I answer questions that not many people can or will.

Psychic readings are not for everyone, but I think that everyone should get a psychic reading at least once in their lives because it’s a fascinating experience.  A psychic reading is a rite of passage, every culture has a medicine person or shaman or fortune teller, and what I do is universal.  I’ve been blessed to discover magical people on different legs of my journey at the perfect time.  Perhaps that time is now for us!  Sprinkle a little sparkle into your life, and book a session with me.  Let’s talk about you and what’s important to you!

Tarot & Numerology: A Look at 2021 and Beyond

In numerology we take a larger number and add the digits together to get one single digit.  To get the number for our year ahead we add 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 to equal 5.  5 is a number of change, challenges and transformation.  The cards in the Major Arcana of Tarot that are numbered 5 are the Hierophant and the Temperance cards (1+4=5).  We will talk about how these cards relate to the global lessons and collective energies we all are facing this year.

It’s a year of change, slow change.  It takes time for society to transform.  Last year was a Tower year, with revelations of truths about what is working and what is not.  We were shown how fragile our world is and how sudden change beyond our control can uproot life as we know it.  

This is our year to come together, to blend the opposites and understand the inner workings of society.  We are a collective of unique individuals, and there comes a point where we must put our personal opinions aside to work together for a common good.  We must find a space and place for all members of humanity whether they wish to participate or not.  We cannot escape each other, our souls are tangled together and what affects one of us affects all of us.  

Imagine a world where everyone has a home.  This gift alone would completely transform society and the world as we know it.  There are so many hardworking people stuck in debt and in the rental market.  What if we could find a way to help them out?  Imagine how much happier your barista or grocery clerk would be to serve you if they had a stable future.  So often our society focuses on the immediate issues rather than putting forth a long range vision of sustainability.  The Temperance card tells us that we need to blend the immediate needs with a sustainable long term plan for the future.  Spending all our time putting out fires doesn’t allow us to put energy into why they started in the first place.  Let’s get to the root of the cause and solve the challenge from there.

The greatest change we will see this year is a change of power in the US government.  Interestingly enough, the card of the Hierophant represents political systems, religious structures and government.  I am hopeful that the new leadership will bring more calm to the turmoil that our neighbours down south have been going through.  There’s a lot of work to do. 

Culturally, we love putting heroes on pedestals; we also love ripping then down off those heights when they don’t conform to what we believe heroes to be.  Within each person there is good and there is bad, a light side and a shadow side.  No one is perfect.  We need to honour the whole person.  Mistakes will be made,  but how we deal with those challenges will show us truly who we are.  Letting go of the need to be perfect and finding forgiveness to those who mess with us will lead to great strides forward.  We need to focus our collective energy on finding solutions instead of arguing about the problems.

On a personal level we are being asked to take a look at whom and what we follow, uncovering our personal biases and transforming the way we look (and act) in this world, and understanding that judgement of others comes from our own fears and biases.  We judge people because we don’t want to be like them or because they are different than us or because we are afraid of them.  The Temperance card shows us that acceptance is necessary to find more love and balance within ourselves.  If we are busy judging others we aren’t taking a deeper look at our own issues we are simply projecting our fears on others – this will get you nowhere!

The Temperance card is also the Art card.  Personal expression allows each of us to channel the emotions and thoughts of our inner wold into creating something beautiful.  We get blocked when we are not creating because we are not allowing our emotions to flow.  I would encourage everyone to find their creative outlet!  In the coming years technology will make many jobs obsolete, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Technology will free us from the mundane but the question that many people have is what will humans do with their time?  Create art, dance, socialize, play music, craft, garden, write, build, ect . . . you know all those things you love to do when you have time outside of your work schedule.  We need a renaissance of culture in our society. This is what will bring us together; creating and sharing.  

There are many internal changes that are taking place meaning that this will be a year of patience.  We are being patient for the roll out of the vaccine and the restart of socialization.  This is our year to re-build and re-evaluate ourselves in relation to the world we live in.   Acknowledge your needs and desires and balance them with making your way in society.  Sharing is caring!  Slow down.  Smell the roses.  Be grateful for all you have.  Take time to offer help to others.  Don’t be afraid of change, be excited for new possibilities!

Self-Worth – You’ll Only Get What You Ask For.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I had self-worth issues I would have said, “oh, hell no” but this weekend has taught me a valuable lesson.  An amazing opportunity came up, I actually thought it was a joke, so I asked for what I would normally consider a crazy amount of money.  When the E-transfer arrived in my inbox, I was in shock.  Then the guilt came in – was I worth this?

As spirit always does through my readings, the next group of fabulous amazing young women I read for were also suffering from this, ding, ding, ding.  I am so grateful that this opportunity as it allowed me to experience these feelings and come to realization that this is something I need to work on in myself.

How a lack of self-worth manifests in our lives:

  1. Over independence.  A feeling that you have to do everything on you own.  This comes from a place of feeling that you don’t deserve help from others.  You do!
  2. Ignoring compliments and over focusing on criticism.  You can have 5 people that mean the world to you tell you how awesome you are and then you get 1 person that doesn’t really give a shit about you and where do you focus your energy?  You got it, on the negative.  Remember the compliments and kind words.
  3. Staying in the comfort zone.  Still in the job you’ve had forever even though you have a dream of what you want to do with you r life?  Take a chance!
  4. Guilt or mis-trust of amazing opportunities.  It’s easy to believe in the false ideas of our egos, that we don’t deserve the blessings and gifts of the universe and friends.  You deserve to be happy.
  5. Going with other people’s flow.  You don’t want to be difficult do you ?  Yup, been there.  Hiding your own needs and desires in order to “fit in.”  You are loved just the way you are.

The truth is you deserve help from others, we all do.  This is what community and society is all about lifting up the people around us and also allowing them to do the same for us.  Focus on the people that care about you, their options are the ones that actually matter.  Take a chance: not everyone is a mind reader, if you don’t ask for it, how to you expect to receive it?  ASK!  The worst thing that can happen is that someone will say no, but the possibility of someone saying yes or perhaps leading you to the next opportunity is high.  People like helping!  You know how good it feels when you’re able to help someone, don’t deny a person the opportunity to have this feeling by helping you.

Each of us is unique in our own way and has a special purpose on this planet. 

The way to discover this purpose is inside each of us.  The Universe will reflect back at us what we desire but it’s up to us to listen and cease the day.

Go your own way, do your own thing and own that time for yourself.  The more you practice self-worth by accepting compliments, positive self-talk and asking for what you need – the easier it will get.

My mind is blown and now that I’m aware I can take positive steps to build myself up in an authentic way.  I hope you do the same.  You deserve good things.

Thanks for reading - Andrea

Coming out of the Psychic Closet

My name is Andrea, and I am a Psychic.

I understand what it’s like to be on the outside because of something inside of you.  I know what it feels like to be an outcast standing on the edge of social norms — seeing the proper social civilities that have been conditioned in me as the “right way” to be since birth but knowing that I am different.  I wear this on the inside, knowing that I can hide behind a mask of ordinary — unless you ask. If you ask, I will tell you. 

I need to express what is inside me; it is something I cannot help or change because it is innate to my existence. “Coming out of the psychic closet” is a term for a reason. Many people don’t understand what it means to be psychic. I face this lack of understandingabout my career in most conversations. Thosewhoare scared or uncomfortable will quickly change the subject or leave a long awkward pause after my response when the usual question of “what do you do?” comes up. Horror movies on mainstream media influence many people, or they believe that psychics are evil. I try not to take it personally. And then some are curious and ask questions. Those folks are my people.

What does being a psychic mean?

I can only speak to my own experience, as it’s different for each person who has this gift. I am highly sensitive to the energy of the people around me. I can pick up what they’re feeling or have been thinking (I’ve been called a mind reader). Matters of the heart are what I sense the most deeply in others. I feel the heartache as I would feel my own. It’s called clairsentience and man, sometimes it sucks! If someone has a broken heart, I feel a weight or heaviness on my chest. Thankfully, when people are happy, I feel that too.

There is are a few people who I can’t be around, as it makes me sick. My experience isn’t their fault. I can’t always control these feelings, so I’ve learned to work with them. 
My first instance of this was in Grade 3 when I didn’t jive with my science teacher. Every Wednesday afternoon, right before her class, I would get a stomach ache. My Mom took me to see the doctor, but they couldn’t explain it. 

In my twenties, I had a cute boyfriend, and shortly after we got together, I started to get these terrible headaches. While things were going fine on the surface of the relationship, the pain got so bad that I broke up with him. Right after that, the pain went away. 

Energy vibrates like sound waves in music.

When you put two different melodies together in different keys, the song will not sound in tune (unless you’re Stephen Sondheim). Two waves in the ocean moving in opposite directions will crash against each other creating turbulence. I have come to understand that this is my body’s natural protection. It’s not that the other person is good or bad, it’s that our energies don’t mix, and that’s okay. I can still choose to be kind and kindly move away. It’s a big world. There’s room for all of us. 

I see visions for other people. I find these visions easier to process than feeling the emotions of other people in my body since I see them outside of my mind. Symbols, pictures, situations, and scenes will appear over people’s shoulders and heads. I read with my eyes open. When I have permission to share these signs and reflections in a reading, the person feels the truth.

I live my life as a series of moments of getting a fleeting glimpse at what’s on the other side. There have been moments of elation and self-revelation that have changed my life for the better. I hope you have had those experiences, too, because pure joy is a gift to humans.  

I know things that I shouldn’t know.

I get feelings about a situation days before it happens. For example, we were down visiting Colombia this past winter and had rented a beautiful house for a month. Enjoying our time there, we asked the owners if we could stay another month.  “No problem!” they said. “Stay as long as you’d like like,” they said. Our contract was getting closer to the end, and my anxiety levels were starting to peak; I had a feeling they weren’t honest, and we would have to leave. I had even gotten my husband to call them again to make sure we could stay longer. The same answer, “Of course you can.” Well, 48 hours before our contract was up, we got a text message from their realtor saying that they weren’t going to renew the contract and that we had to leave.   

I have never been alone (though sometimes I sure felt lonely, especially when I was young).  I’ve been in communication with a voice inside of me for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Kelowna, I had elderly Polish neighbours who lived across the street. Maria had survived the Second World War and had even written a book about her experience. She was a devout Catholic and took to teaching me about the Bible when I would stop by to visit. My family was not religious unless it served their purpose to point out “Honour thy mother” or “Honour thy Father.”

I was so curious about God and Jesus. Could this be the explanation for the voice in my mind? As a child, I thought it was weird that God was masculine because my inner world's voice was feminine. I learned that God loved me and that if I didn’t follow His word, I would go to hell. My inner voice said that wasn’t true. Innately I knew that “God” loves everyone unconditionally. It was not possible to convert me because that concept did not make sense to me in any way, shape, or form: that and the dinosaurs. I’m a believer in science and the theory of evolution. I’m not here to judge you if you are a believer in the Bible. It does not work for me!

We have all been told at one point or another to “follow your heart.” Learning to listen to my inner voice has transformed my life. I found stability and sustainability in my career; I met the love of my life, married, had a love child, and traveled the world (the warm parts anyway!) playing music. I let go of the inner circle and started to appreciate my perspective from being on the outside. I found confidence in myself and my abilities. I found love for myself. I created a drama-free life in which I feel a sense of belonging. I stopped pretending to be someone else to fit in. I stepped out of the closet. I have psychic abilities, and that is who I am.

I use these gifts of psychic ability with integrity and the intention that I am here to help and serve to the best of my ability.

My psychic gifts have helped to transform and save lives. I saw this very early on in my career when I was reading the Tarot at local markets. An older woman came and sat in my chair, asking for a reading. After the reading, she asked me, “Do you know why I’m here?”
 “To get a reading?” I responded inquisitively. 
Then she told me her story:
“My son got a reading from you last week. He was ready to commit suicide. Your reading changed his mind, and he decided to live. I came here to thank you.”

Written by Andrea Zonnis
Edited by Lynn Thompson

Self Love – The act of making your needs, desires and wishes a top priority in your life.

Break down the Patriarchy!

As women especially, we’ve been taught that we are “supposed” to put other people ahead of ourselves, care about other people’s feelings because it’s the polite thing to do.  Yes, it’s wonderful to care about other people, and there's no denying this!  What if I told you that you can care about others and still look after yourself too!  Time to un-learn from our ancestor’s patterning and allow women to be empowered.

As part of every safety demonstration after you board an airplane you hear, “please put on your air mask before assisting others”.

Make Yourself a Priority

We glorify the “busy Mom” archetype that goes above and beyond to care for her family, but behind the scenes are we paying attention to the ramifications of this to our mental health, like stress and exhaustion?  What does this teach our children?  That you are not doing it “right” until you have nothing left to give, and that to “care” is to be depleted.  Children learn by watching.  If they see you making yourself a priority, they will make themselves a priority too.  

Ask for Help

Ask for help when you need it.  You are worthy of help.  Asking for help is a sign of strength and self knowledge because you know your own limitations and that you deserve assistance – that’s the power of community.

Your Feelings are Your Responsibility

“Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys”

Your happiness is your responsibility, and yours alone.  You have no control over other people’s feelings or what they think of you.  On the flip side of this, the way you feel about a situation or person is also your responsibility.  Yes, sometimes feelings get hurt.  You have to dig deeper to see exactly why this caused you pain or distress.  Sometimes the answer is that the other person is a bully or an asshole and then you can ask yourself “why are you in this situation?”  Don’t expect other people to react and deal with situations in the same way that you do, don’t set yourself up for failure.  Everyone is different; everyone has different traumas that have shaped the way they deal with the world.  

Why you need self-love to trust your intuition. 

Loving yourself will lead to trusting yourself.  Knowing yourself and your triggers is SO important because then you will have a great understanding what you are feeling, experiencing and where these emotions are coming from.  The more you know about yourself the easier it is to separate the voice of your ego (could have, should have, would haves) from the gentle voice of your intuition.

Self Love Tips

  1. Don’t compare your own journey to the journeys of others.  You are special and unique beyond compare!  We each have our own set of challenges coming into this world.  What you are free of, someone else could be struggling with.  
  1. Distance yourself from toxic people and energy vampires.  Take a break.  Be aware of from whom you take criticism!  If someone is putting you down without anything constructive to say, their advice is shit.  If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t hang with them!!!  What people think about you is none of your business!
  1. Be kind to yourself in your thoughts and words.  If you are punishing yourself in your head and ripping yourself a good one for something you did or didn’t do simply rise about the thought.  Ask youself if this is really what you choose to think about yourself, and when the answer is no, choose to let the thought go.  Practice positive self talk!  If someone was talking about your best friend the way you talk to yourself, would you set them straight?
  1. Set the intention to allow yourself to receive. This can be gifts or compliments or opportunities.  Know that you are worthy of all the blessings of this beautiful world.  You know how good it feels to give someone a gift and have them LOVE it! Don’t deny others that good feeling of being able to give to you!
  1. Check in with yourself before responding.  Is this going to add to my energy or deplete my energy?  Do I want to?  Does this feel good or not?
  1. Say YES to things that excite you and perhaps scare you a bit too.  The Universe would not present an opportunity to you if you weren’t ready to explore it.
  1. It’s okay to say NO.  Can you help me move for the 3rd time even though I was too busy to help you move last time?  NO.  The challenge with boundaries is that you have to enforce these boundaries because no one will do it for you.  “Get comfortable with other people being uncomfortable with your boundaries”.
  1. Balance how much you have going on in your life . . . too much leads to stress and too little leads to boredom.
  1. Forgive yourself and others.  It’s okay to make mistakes; it’s all a part of the learning process.  Remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect, you only need to be present!
  1. Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!  Laughter is good medicine.
  1. Pay attention to your emotions.  Take time to process your feelings.  This can be with writing, a good conversation, a walk in nature, a bath, whatever helps you to think and feel clearly.
  1. Take time for rest and relaxation!  If you need to put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door, DO IT.  Schedule it in your calendar.
  2. Practice Gratitude.  Thankfulness will raise your vibrations and help to counterbalance negative self-talk.  There is so much to be grateful for!

The Cure for Heart Ache

There’s no magic pill to remove heart ache or sadness, it’s a process of unfolding our emotions to reveal the truth and essence of who we are. It takes time and patience. Sadness is one of those feelings that we try to cover with a smile or lift up with laughter – sometimes this works. Ultimately as long as there is suffering in this world there will be sadness so it’s something we as humans have to learn to live through. Strong emotions such as grief and sorrow need to be felt. It’s when we continue to ignore these emotions that they come back in full force as anger. Once the pot of water is boiling it’s really hard to see your reflection.

What does your sadness have to say to you?

No one is perfect, no matter how many self-help books you’ve read! Sadness says slow down, tread lightly and pay attention. Disappointment comes from not getting what you expect. Friends can let you down. Jobs can come and go. Circumstances can change is a heart-beat. As we lower our expectations of self and others, it becomes easier to maneuver through this murky emotion. This does not mean in anyway lowing your sense of self-worth! It means being able to let go of a situation that compromises your self-love. Developing a sense of trust with yourself and faith in a higher power can help you to find more compassion and ease in your life. When you trust that no matter what happens you will be okay, that light can pull you from the carnage of your mind.

Express it!

Expression of these emotions I find for myself is the greatest release. If there has been something bothering me over time when I finally sit with it, write about it and sing through it, I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love journaling because your journal never talks back! Einstein’s principal of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another. This is how I see emotional energy. When we pour our emotions into art we are able to transform the feelings into something beautiful. If you are a feeler, you need an artistic outlet to put your emotions into. Everyone needs an artistic expression! Creative self- expression will help you to stay more balanced, aware and conscious of the life experience you are creating for yourself.

It's okay to feel sad.

I’ve said this before and I'll say it again, it’s okay to feel sad. Honour this emotion as it is part of you. Life is full of ups and downs. The crazy part is when you look back, hindsight reveals that the Universe has had your back the whole time. No matter what happens: know you are loved and that tomorrow is a new day.

If you need someone to remind you of the brilliance of who you are, I'm here for you.

Freedom From Drama

About 7 years ago I made a vow to myself to eliminate needless drama and gossip from my life. The challenge was that during this process I lost people I thought were friends. Trust me, I haven't been perfect in this process, it's a slow and steady unfolding. Gossip is enticing. The wake up call for me was that if these "friends" were talking shit about other "friends," what were they saying about me when I wasn't there?Fast forward to today . . . I surround myself with supportive people who love and care about me. My mind is free of clutter. My heart has more room for compassion. My soul is happier. Love yourself enough to not get sucked into drama. You will thank yourself.

Finding Joy in the Sadness

Being a feely human being is not easy! Emotions are like water, free flowing, peaceful or crushing. Sometimes we’re on top of them surfing the waves and other times they are on top of us like a stinky October fog. Having artistic tendencies I know first hand what it’s like to feel deeply. The path of an artist is to share a piece their soul in the hopes of connecting with other people that might feel their pain so that together find comfort. An artist has the ability to physically embody the collective energy of our times or pick up on a current movement rolling down the stream. Artists are story tellers. Intuitive Arts are story keepers. Sharing a moment of humanity with another human, emotions are a large part of our collective ongoing story. Our emotions make us sentient and teach us what it means to be alive.Do you have it?Do you cry at movies? Perhaps feel a little crazy around the Full Moon? Can you feel what other people feel? Do you act from intuition? You might have a case of Clairsentience or clear feeling better known as Empathy. Doctors haven’t found a cure for it yet but there’s lots of ways that you can manage it. You didn’t catch it from anyone else, you were born that way. You can continue fighting with yourself that you are too emotional or too sensitive or just honour what you need. Your choice. Basic truths about being an empath that is easier to accept than fight:1. As an empath is can be challenging to control your emotions because emotions cannot be controlled. Think of your emotions like a heavy rain seeping in through all the cracks. The good news is that emotions can be channeled into healthy outlets such as writing (ha!), singing, dancing, or whatever you are passionate about.2. Shit can stick to you. Thankfully you don’t attract more seagulls that everyone else but you do absorb energy from people. You also have the ability to transform that energy, just not instantly all the time. 3. You need, physically NEED to be in healthy, happy environments to thrive. We are all a product of our environment but for empaths an unhealthy environment can be unbearable. The term “Suck it up Sweetheart” will usually not end well when followed by us tender hearted people. 4. You must listen or honour your feelings in some way. Emotions want acknowledgement. That’s all they want! Give them what they want. Listen to your feelings from the perspective of compassion because sometimes our feelings can come from our traumas and pains. That little person inside of you is trying to get your attention. Even negative feelings deserve to be heard. 5. You need to stand in your truth. This is also one of the tracks on my upcoming Folk Album. But seriously, if there’s something off you will know it. You won’t necessary know why you know it but you know it! 6. Loving yourself can be much more challenging than loving others. If you struggle with this you have to work on it, daily, because you are important. 7. If you jump on the complain train it is likely to derail your emotions. Our thoughts will trigger our feelings. That’s why Empaths need plenty of downtime, to be quite and process. Take time for you to relax and focus inward, I know this sounds terrible doesn’t it!8. Alcohol and drugs will numb the pain temporarily but not forever. Sadness unprocessed can lead to anger. Even sadness wants to have a say as it’s feeling too. Congratulations you have been chosen to save the Universe along with a tribe of quirky counterparts! This world NEEDS empaths, feelers and people that care more than ever. Make it your mission to live authentically and find those niches of people you are here to help. Sometimes it’s just one person. That’s enough. The world changes a soul at time. Free your spirit. Be YOU! Feel! Give yourself permission to completely love yourself.