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"Enlightenment is peeling off the layers of addiction and attachment to the physical world to see the inner workings of the soul."

Psychic Song Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3

A Message of Hope
Inspired writing

Times are short and times are long; we are moving at great speed towards the end of enlightenment. With time in time’s earth-plane state, it is important to note that all that has been is

Psychic Song Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2

Peace is love in action

Every reading and experience I have as a psychic, studio owner and events planner, teaches me priceless lessons about business, love, morality and

Psychic Song Newsletter Issue 4

Peace, love and good times. . .

This has been an amazing year of growth, strength, community and new friends.
2009 has marked the beginning of many changes and has opened the doors of opportunity during trying times. here.

Psychic Song Newsletter Issue 3

Healing begins with Knowledge

Psychic Song is very pleased to announce that the very first Island Intuitive Arts Festival that will be held on Oct. 23rd and 24th at the Orange Hall in Fernwood. This two day event is to celebrate holistic health, healing and psychic arts by offering workshops, sessions and music to the local community. here.

Psychic Song Newsletter Issue 2

Spring Tarot Workshops

Tarot cards are a fascinating way to map life’s journey. The rich symbols and energy of the cards are valuable tools to open your intuition. In the Spring Workshop Series we will be exploring the meaning and application of Tarot cards through meditation, creative visualization and group discussion. The most beneficial components of learning the Tarot is understanding what the cards mean to you and building your personal connection with the deck.Read the entire story here.

Psychic Song Newsletter Issue 1

The Melody

This year is going to be a wonderful year of new and old opportunities. January has started with a bang. So much love has floated into my life and poured inspiration into my soul. My soul’s expression is music. I feel blessed to have met and played with so many talented musicians in the last couple of months. Music is the language that unites all differences and it is a common thread to all people, religions and cultures. Read the entire story here.