My Story


There is a love and peace that connects us all and once we are able to become more aware we see this energy present itself in our daily lives. Healing begins with knowledge. That’s what I’m here to provide. The answers we seek are all around us - so many times we judge ourselves, let our fears take over and that is why we are unable to listen and see the signs.

I am here to provide a line to your higher self, to connect you with the power of your guides, angels and the infinite wisdom of your soul. The better informed you are the better able you are to make choices that help to shape your future in a positive form. Life is a learning process. We are given challenges to grow from and it is how we handle those situations that show us who we really are. It is my wish for humanity that every person discovers their soul’s purpose and reaches their fullest potential.

I’m here to help raise consciousness; it is part of my soul’s journey. I am one of the crystal children sent to change the world. I have been giving public readings for over 6 years using the knowledge of the Tarot and my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance talent. The Rohrig Tarot is my tool of choice; the symbols are modern but very insightful.

I have done much independent study/meditation on Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, New Age philosophy and the psychic arts. Teachers and mentors have appeared at the perfect times during my development. Confirmation of my skills has come in many forms, wonderful feed back from clients, psychic professionals and clients bringing their friends for readings.

Each session is unique and deals with topics that are relevant to the past, present and future. Sometimes past lives, deceased relatives, helpful people and family members will appear in the readings. I deliver the messages from the spirit with a gentle, inspiring approach; my clients have been amazed and brought to tears by accuracy and power of my readings.

It is my goal to give my clients clarity, confirmation and hope. Growing up I always knew that I was different. As a child I was bright beyond my years; I had a fascination with mythology, ancient civilizations and unsolved mysteries. In high school, my friends would joke about how I was psychic but it wasn’t until my 20’s that I was able to understand the extent of the gifts I was given.

At the age of 21, I went through a great spiritual opening. It was like my heart exploded and everywhere I looked there was love and joy. It was pure ecstasy; the secrets of the universe began to reveal themselves to me. Old ladies would come up to me on the street asking if I was an angel. The artistic side of my being connected and I started to write and write.

The bread crumbs of the universe appeared to me clearly and I began to follow the signs. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and has been the stimulus to finding my life’s purpose. One night during this time I was at a party sitting in a back room - people began gather and I started to talk. Life stories of those around me poured from my soul and out my mouth, I captured numbers out of people’s heads and answered questions accurately beyond my scope of knowledge. That’s when a girl came up to me and asked, ’Are you psychic’

I stopped for a moment and then it hit me. “I think I am.” I replied.

“You should try reading Tarot cards, it’s really fun.” She said.

And that’s exactly what I did . . . I went out the next day and bought myself a deck and started the learning process. A few months later I was given my first deck. Looking back I know that I have had this gift since I was born but until that moment I lacked the basic qualities you need to access it trust, faith and self confidence. Everyone has the power to be psychic. It is a gift but also a muscle that can grow and become stronger. Think about music for a moment: some people have an incredible talent from birth, others work at it and practice. Psychic energy is the same.

The next step in human evolution is developing a greater awareness of our full potential through love and forgiveness. Everywhere people are starting to notice the synchronicities in their lives, feelings of Deja Vu and the presences of ghosts and spirits. We are waking up from our deep sleep and moving into a new age where the mind, thought and emotion rule. Fear is the block. Let it go. Live in the present, enjoy the moment and with every thought create a positive future. Many blessings to you on the journey ahead!